About Us

We’re a small team of dedicated professionals who’ve spent most of their careers in retail-related areas, be it sales, marketing or consulting. Here at SaveWithCouponCodes.com, our mission is to transfer that cumulative experience to you.

We truly do believe that buying stuff online for a bargain is easy - and we want to show you just how easy it is once you learn a trick or two. At first, you might be a little dependent on our website to find the best deals, but as you’ll buy more and more, you’ll start seeing commonalities and trends. You’ll start noticing saving opportunities online, and you’ll develop a certain intuition which discounts are truly legitimate.

See, the Internet is full of fake advertisement, and even we can’t completely ensure that all of the coupon codes we provide are valid, or that all sales are truly ongoing. However, after some time, you’ll be able to easily tell whether a deal is too good to be true.

That being said, be ensured that we’re working around the clock to provide you only the best discounts and we carefully test their legitimacy. We try to run a “test purchase” on all of our promo codes and we try to keep track of when they end. The last thing we want to do is to provide you false information on which discounts are actually valid and which are not.

Our Philosophy

At the core of our organization there’s always been a genuine drive to help people. We identify ourselves as experts in the discount/savings world, and what makes us get up in the morning is the fact that tens of thousands of shoppers use our service every single day and we’re in a position to help them. Even if by a little.

We believe that through the savings we can help single mothers buy their children Christmas gifts; that an enthusiastic, but underprivileged university student from a third-world country can buy to buy himself a laptop that he couldn’t otherwise afford; that a teacher from a poor public school can buy her class a worthy book that the school refuses to pay for. We believe that, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Our Mission

On a more superficial level, we just strive to give our visitors the most up-to-date discount information possible. We think that quality and thoroughness is quite rare to come by in our industry and that there’s a lot of noise - we make ourselves responsible for filtering that noise out and giving you only the end result.